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5 Tips For Steady Daily Energy

5 Tips For Steady Daily Energy

1. Hydration: Did you know that most of us walk around in a state of slight dehydration daily? True statement. And then we wonder why we feel so tired. Ladies and Gentlemen we are made up of 60% to 70% water! That is correct over half of our body is comprised of H20. So if we want a daily steady energy output, there must be a daily steady H20 input!

Caution! Be on the look out for hydration thieves in your daily routine such as caffeine, carbonated beverages and humid weather. These items rob your body of precious hydration and can lead to the mid day drag.

2. Big Meal vs. Mini Bites: If you have a big meal at lunch then you should be prepared for a drowsy afternoon. This is especially true of a big carbohydrate meal such as pizza, pasta and white rice dishes. Instead, make time for small meals spaced no more than four to five hours apart.
Tip, you can achieve this by bringing some healthy mini meals/snacks to work such as fruits, raw nuts and vegetables. Have a snack in the late morning, a smaller portioned lunch with the focus on protein and some complex carbohydrates, and then another snack/mini meal in the late afternoon.

3. Breathing: Did you know most of us do not consume enough of another major life sustaining element? Oxygen! The volume of oxygen we take in is directly related to the function of our emotional and physical well being. Inefficient or shallow breathing typically caused by lack of fitness, stress and tension also contributes to low energy. Shallow breathing affects digestion and can lead to constipation. Now that can REALLY make us feel sluggish. Shallow breathing is also linked to depression. So breathe more deeply for health and energy!

Tip, here's a simple way to get more air. At the top of EVERY hour throughout your workday, take one long deep breath. It helps with stress, digestion AND energy. Try it for a day and see for yourself!

4. Movement: Get up and move. Increased circulation does wonders for our bodies. Movement helps increase circulation which then aids our body in removing toxins and waste from our systems. So to keep from feeling bogged down, GET UP AND MOVE.

Tip, take the stairs at work if possible or get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning and take a brisk walk in your neighborhood... movement does for the body what opening a window does for a room full of stagnant air. Circulate, circulate, circulate.

5. Rest to Restore: Sleep is essential for maintaining optimal energy. We are all diligent with money because we THINK, "we need it to survive". Here is your eye opening newsflash. You really do need sleep to survive. Lack of rest leads to poor concentration, low energy levels and motivational decline. And consistent sleep deprivation can lead to many physical health problems. For the state of your own performance and wellbeing, it is time to start valuing your body's requirement for rest as much as you do your finances. So how about reinvesting in your restoration?

Tip, give yourself five to ten minutes to unwind and release tension BEFORE getting into bed. Do a five-minute meditation. Lay on the floor to release the thoughts and events of the day and take some deep breathes. This allows the body to release physical and mental tensions. Now because you have already processed and released your day in a different location, when you get into bed your mind will register sleep with the action.

OK folks so there you have it, five easy items: more water, more movement, smaller bites, more breath and some extra zzzzz's and you're on your way! These are small but invaluable adjustments for optimum energy. If you truly desire more consistent energy, it's worth making the commitment of adding these tips to your daily routine.

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